About The AMT Group at PrimeLending

Wisdom is found at the intersection of knowledge and experience. On their own, knowledge and experience have very little value in today’s volatile lending environment. The AMT Group is a team-based approach to meeting a client’s needs. Our understanding of lending guidelines is like a Marine’s connection to his weapon. Any good Marine can field dress his weapon with a blindfold on, otherwise he will shoot himself or someone else–and that is why a borrower’s experience at other lenders is so deplorable–the originator does not have full command if his or her weapon.

Andy Mersiowsky and Peter Bartolini are The AMT Group’s Mortgage Planners. Andy has degrees in accounting and finance and began originating residential mortgage loans in 1998. Peter has been in the consumer finance industry since 1995 and began originating residential mortgage loans in 2001. Andy and Peter work with each client to understand their objectives, gather all the necessary information and documentation to support their desired loan structure before they write a purchase offer, and effectively convey their ability to secure financing to the seller so the offer stands out even in the most competitive situations. Afterwards, they proactively communicate with all parties during the escrow process so the closing is smooth and on-time.

Ian Sullivan is The AMT Group’s Team Loan Officer and works with each client to secure all of the requested documentation and to clarify any questions we anticipate could arise in underwriting. Our goal is to address any potential issue very early on so that the overall experience will be elegant and surprise-free. As well, Ian oversees the implementation of the loan to ensure that the solution we designed is implemented on time by our team with minimal disruption and with the utmost of integrity.

Colleen Emanuele was born and raised in Ohio, where she attended Kent State University. She moved to Arizona in 2008, and started working  in the mortgage industry in 2010. She has a background in customer service, and loves working with and helping people. Working with The AMT Group at PrimeLending,  Colleen not only gets to help clients realize their dreams of homeownership, she also gets to work alongside a great group of people. Colleen’s plays a critical role for The AMT Group as their ‘Loan Officer Support’, aka The Conductor. She will help facilitate the loan process from the prequalification stage to the day of funding.  If at any time you need assistance with your loan or a file in process, she will do her best to assist you or will put you in contact with the appropriate team member.