About Peter

Peter BartoliniPeter Bartolini, Production Manager and partner in The AMT Group, helps clients and affinity partners with Trusted Mortgage Solutions.

Peter moved to Arizona in 1995 to begin his career in consumer lending. He and his wife Julie have 5 children and are foster parents. They have had over 25 kids in their home since 2004. In addition to that, Peter has been involved in week long summer camps for kids in foster care with the sole goal of helping these kids create positive childhood memories. In 2016 Peter & Julie launched a charity that provides housing for kids in Arizona’s foster care system.

Peter’s primary role on the team is helping clients under contract move as smoothly as possible thru today’s complex underwriting process, helping them close on-time and without stress. Peter additionally communicates every step with every agent involved in a real estate transaction with our team keeping everyone informed and happy. Peter also serves as the team’s real estate relationship manager using his connecting skills to engage with the area’s top-performing real estate agents.

The AMT Group takes each prospective client thru a consultation process beginning with a discovery session with a mortgage planning specialist. This helps a client frame their long-term goals & objectives in relation to any dangers, opportunities, and strengths in their current plan that should be considered prior to originating a new loan.

With a new plan established, we then qualify options for the lowest cost mortgage product with the least amount of risk for each borrower. Once qualified, the team works with each client’s trusted advisers to properly execute the Trusted Mortgage Solution.

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